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Les violons

Group Tickets

Les Violons du Roy and La Chapelle de Québec invite you to form groups to attend exciting concerts where you can appreciate the talent, ardor and virtuosity of their musicians.

With the purchase of a set of 20 or more tickets, you can save up to 25% on the regular price for all seasonal concerts in Quebec City and Montreal.

In addition to benefiting from advantageous tax rates, companies can deduct from their income the total cost and without cap of a subscription or of a purchase of tickets in blocks to the Violons du Roy concerts.

For an additional $3*, you can combine this outing with a guided tour of Palais Montcalm - Maison de la musique. We can also help you organize charter transportation * and provide you with concert posters or other promotional material.

An exceptional opportunity to highlight an event!

* Some conditions may apply

For group tickets purchase

Melinda Rooke
Executive and Accounting Assistant
Youth and Community Projects Coordinator
418 692-3028, ext. 221