Published on March 20, 2018

2018–2019 SEASON 35

Québec City, March 20, 2018 – Les Violons du Roi and La Chapelle de Québec are marking their 35th season and the official arrival of Jonathan Cohen as music director by updating their visual identity.

The new look is designed to be both an invitation and a promise. The stylized “V” symbolizes the core values of both ensembles: excellence, passion, dedication, and discipline. It also represents their vision: the quest for artistic authenticity that is intrinsic to Les Violons du Roy’s mission. And of course, it also stands for violins and all the musicians who help make the organization what it is today: the music directors, instrumentalists, and singers who through incessant artistic exploration seek to reveal deep truths in the works they present and unite us in a voyage to the heart of music.

Les Violons du Roy and La Chapelle de Québec share a common vision. Whether performing together or apart, the choir and the orchestra pursue the same artistic quest and the same commitment to quality that symbolizes their shared destiny and achievements.

The 35th season is an ideal opportunity to look back on their many accomplishments, highlight the audacity, energy, and dedication of the organization’s artists and cultural artisans, and look ahead to the future. Nods to previous incarnations are part of the new logo, a way of acknowledging the hard work that has made the orchestra and choir what they are today.

A closer look reveals even more visual references: a bass clef, sound waves, the in-line choir formation, the neck, strings, and f-holes of a violin, and even silence, which is so important to appreciating music, are found in this refined, bold logo that is rich in nuance and depth.

Video introducing the new logo

Download Montreal 2018-2019 Season Brochure

Download Quebec City 2018-2019 Season Brochure


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